Friday, April 16, 2010


I heard a story about a man who acquired amnesia and couldn't remember anything for any period of time accept the feeling of love that he had for his wife. I had the urge to write a poem about him.

like a night that never ends
but void of peaceful dreams
tossing and turning over again
each for the first time it seems
Am I awake? Where am I ?
can you tell me my name?
who are you? Where am I?
what am I doing here and what is my name?
existence seems not to exist
and memory can’t be recalled
birth recycles by the minute
captivated, but disturbed by each picture on the walls
recognition comes with the absence of recollection
wonder, yet confusion accompanies every inspection
I sense with precision all that in my vision
yet everywhere I go I am followed by
tired legs that have never walked
and a bitter tongue that has never talked
images that seem repeated
and a broken heart that has never beaten
yet, there is one things that seems to have a hope of real
of which I can’t quite know, but only feel
It happens when I see her face
and feel her familiar embrace
one minute from now
this moment may leave my mind
but right now it exists
and I can only hope to see her again for the first time


  1. I love this. I think I may know what story you are referring to. This is really beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes. For real. Thanks for writing!

  2. Yeah, the story is from the radio lab on memory and forgetting. Thanks for the feedback guys!