Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thoughts on Thoughts

It amazes me how our thoughts are translated into language. Our thoughts are categorized by words and symbols (like mathematical symbols). Greater minds are minds that categorize thoughts more orderly and have made themselves aware of more categorized thoughts. They have taken the time to categorize and carry their thoughts to new levels, building piece by piece off of already established thoughts. Discussions and books help us guide each other in this process. It is how we attempt to take others on the journey of thought that we have taken. It is truly captivating. We follow someone on their train of thought and they organize it for us in words.  The good communicators draw us in on common grounds and bring us in steps to a greater train of thought.

Also, our capacity to communicate outside of words amazes me. It doesn’t take words to communicate things like affection and anger, but we can express them to each other clearly through body language and tone of voice. Our ability to communicate beyond that (with thoughts and language) is what separates man from the rest of creation.

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  1. Language is just amazing isn't it? It amazes me that we are able to assimilate unrelated knowledge and vocabulary in order to create new and unique discourse. What got you thinking about this topic?