Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Leap

I have stepped over the line,
The boundary is crossed
I won’t look to the left or to the right
I will look to the lost

I am the sanctified
By The Spirit baptized
For the world who is searching
With hope in my eyes

I will run the race
I will not grow faint
I am strengthened by God’s
Glorious inheritance in the saints

The task ahead
Is to much for me
But I am not alone
It’s the cross I see

Death has lost it’s sting
And life has lost it’s fear
Danger seems so close
But The Spirit is oh so near

The task seems heavy
But His yoke is light
Brothers and sisters
We’re not alone in this fight

United as one spirit
As one body we stand
We leap into darkness
God provides the land

Bond servants for Christ
But have never felt so free
We move like leaves in the wind
To wherever His will may be

Bruised and broken
But still going strong
The Kingdom is coming
The time won’t be long

Committed to His cause
Til’ death do us home
When we can throw our crowns
At the feet of His throne