Wednesday, January 20, 2010


You murmur under your breath, swearing
Staring out the window swearing
That someday you’ll be like that airplane
Flying high, doing whatever it wants
Freely, no one stops it but everyone just looks with wonder
But you wonder if you will ever be
Someday you say, someday that will be me
And I’ll be free, just me, just to be what I wanna be
Flying over the skies and the sea
And everyone will see and wish that they were just like me

Come to find out that you live in reality
That all those classes that you were daydreaming in before
Turned out to be that low GPA that you got on your report card
Everyone always told you that you were smart,
But what seems easy for everyone else is no trophy on your shelf
You work twice as hard and get called average

But what you forgot is that combat isn’t competition
And that a warrior looks ahead
Not to the left
Not to the right
But straight ahead
And you’ll know who your brother and sisters are because they are doing the same

What you forgot is that there is no such thing as a better dream
And that popularity doesn’t equal quality

What you have forgotten is that the church
is one body
Sure the eyes look nice, but without the feet
They’re not going to get you anywhere
Sure, the hands are precise but it’s the shoulders that carry all the weight
And they are the first thing others come to cry on when they need it

What you forgot to do is look up to see where you have to go
Because it gets pretty confusing when you are looking around
And when you are looking up and heading in that direction
You’ll know who your brothers and sisters are because they will be right there with you.


  1. Did you write this? Are you an English major or something?

  2. yes I did and no I'm not. I'm studying philosophy and Biblical studies. Who are you?