Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bavinck on Redeeming Culture


 Herman Bavinck on the covenant of grace. I am not sure were I stand in my eschatology, but I find Bavinck's Postmillenial hope quite gripping:

"It is never made with a solitary individual but always also with his or her descendants. It is a covenant from generation to generations. Nor does it ever encompass just the person of the believer in the abstract but that person concretely as he or she exists and lives in history, hence including everything that is his or hers. It includes him or her not just as a person but him or her also as a father and mother, as a parent or child, with all that is his or hers, with his or her family, money, possessions, influence, and power, with his or her office and job, intellect and heart, science and art, with his or her life in society and the state. The covenant of grace is the organization of the new humanity under Christ as its head, as it links up with the creation order, and, reaching back to it, qualitatively and intensively incorporates the whole of creation into itself."

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