Thursday, July 4, 2013

It Is A Good Cosmos

           The sun is kind to me today. It graciously warms my skin as the soles of my shoes hit the pavement. It is nourishing. Men stranded in deserts find this same sun less than nourishing, but now, at the right time, standing on the right part of the globe, having previously been given adequate shelter from it, it warms me.
            I stand in a privileged position. Were I far enough north, and were I wearing what I am wearing now, I would be in dangerous of death from the distance I would be from the sun. Were I further south, the sun’s intrusion wouldn’t be so warmly welcomed. But here and now, I like it very much.
            My body is finely tuned for the walking that I am doing. The air around me has the density and makeup such that it is breathable, giving motion to the complex and powerful mechanism that it my cardiovascular system. Luckily, the floating rock on which I stand has the gravitational pull to aid my current endeavor. It’s not so imposing as to hold me firmly to the ground, but not so faint that I will float away. Also, luckily, the gaseous ball around which it rotates has just the right pull and the globe has just the right momentum so that it is neither engulfed in flames nor does it spiral away into an icy oblivion.
            It is a good day. While I am at it, it is a good cosmos.

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